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Last-Modified Joomla Any Content (If-Modified-Since)

Опубликовано: 11.04.2018

видео Last-Modified Joomla Any Content (If-Modified-Since)

Live Bulletin - 🔧Joomla! 3.8.6 Security and Bug Release and 2 How to update Joomla Tutorials

Plugin for any Joomla content which allows you set the page HTTP header Last-Modified (If-Modified-Since) and "304 Not Modified" response to increase indexing your websites by searching bots.

From 1.0.7 version an option was added to activate plugin only for search-engines bots to avoid page caching by browsers.

From 1.0.8 version native support was added for Joomla 3.3.x and support for Cobalt CCK 8+ .

From 1.2.1 version support was added for pages with Komento comments.

From 1.3.9 version it supports Exclude Options , such as: menu items, custom list of components, custom list of URLs.

Currently supported:

AdsManager classified ads component [ com_adsmanager ] (pages of ads front, categories, advertisement page) Cobalt CCK [ com_cobalt ] (pages of articles, categories, sections) Joomla Content [ com_content ] DJ-Classifieds ads component v.3.6.1 [ com_djclassifieds ] (pages of ads front, categories, advertisement page) EasyBlog Joomla blog extension v.3 - v..5 [ com_easyblog ] EasyDiscuss forum [ com_easydiscuss v.3.2 ] FlexiContent CCK [ com_flexicontent ] article and category pages with pagination HikaShop e-commerce solution [ com_hikashop ] (product and category pages) JoomShopping cart [ com_jshopping ] (product and category pages) pages with JComments [ com_comments ] ; next components are supported: Cobalt, Content, EasyBlog, FlexiContent, JDownloads, K2, MosetsTree, Virtuemart, yvCommodity K2 [ com_k2 ] pages with Komento comments [ com_komento ] ; next components are supported: Content, EasyBlog, FlexiContent, JDownloads, K2, MosetsTree, Virtuemart Kunena forum [ com_kunena ] Media Store Shopping cart [ com_mediastore ] Mosets Tree directory [ com_mosets ] Virtuemart Shopping cart [ com_virtuemart ] yvCommodity Shopping cart [ com_yvcommodity ] Zoo CCK, JBZoo [ com_zoo ]

This plugin is expandable, so you can prepare the last modified date for the requested object in the /plugins/com_yourcomponent.plugin.php file.

Что такое Last-Modified? Как настроить заголовок Last-Modified? Просто о сложном

Follow here to check the work of plugin after installation: last-modified.com/en/ .

Follow here to check the work of plugin at your HTTPS-site after installation: redbot.org .

About package installation (only for plugin versions early v.1.3)

during first package installation you'll get the message about replacing core Joomla files (this patch removes Joomla restrictions for HTTP Header Fields such as Last-Modified and some other); naming of package files is pkg_lmac_vX.X.X_j3.X.zip; after Joomla updates (f.e., v.3.3.6 --> v.3.4 or v.3.4.0 --> v.3.4.1) you should to reinstall the whole package ! updates server supports only plugin.

Плагин Last-Modified (If-Modified-Since) для любого Joomla контента? который позволяет отсылать правильные заголовки страниц (HTTP Header) Last-Modified (If-Modified-Since) и "304 Not Modified" для быстрого индексирования поисковыми ботами.

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